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[international students] Semester End Pizza Party(6/15)
  • 카테고리미분류
  • 작성자박한희
  • 날짜2017-06-14 13:33:13
  • 조회수1668

Dear international students,

The College of Engineering cordially invites all international students for our traditional semester end party.
As a result of your vote, the semester end party will be held on Thursday, June 15.
As I mentioned earlier, we will have a new format, namely, to meet for one hour of games & fun followed by dinner(dinner starts at 8pm), at building 39, B1-103.

If you haven't indicate your attendance yet,
please indicate your attendance by filling out the RSVP on
The sign-up deadline is Thursday, June 15 at 00:00.

The pizza party begins at 18:30 and all international students are invited.

We hope to see many of you this Thursday!

Best wishes,
Bernhard Egger, Director of International Affairs



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