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2017 Fall Semester Orientation for international students
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  • 날짜2017-09-05 16:15:29
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Dear International Students,

we cordially invite you to our 2017 Fall Semester Orientation and Pizza Party for international students at the College of Engineering (CoE).

We extend a special welcome to the international members joining us this semester. We are very happy to have you here,

contributing to a growing international community on our campus and bringing in valuable expertise and ideas from abroad.

The events takes place this Friday, September 8 from 11:30 to 13:00 in the 1st basement floor of the CoE main building (room B103, Bldg 39).

In order to order enough food please indicate your attendance by filling out the RSVP on

Should you run into trouble during your stay at SNU, visit the International Students Welcome Center at the College of Engineering.

The Welcome Center not only provides information and assistance with whatever question or problem you might face,

but also has a lounge-style area with workspaces, a seating area and free coffee and snacks. We hope that you will use these facilities frequently. The Welcome Center opens from 9:00 to 18:00.

Last but not least, please take note of the upcoming events this semester.

Have a great time at the CoE of SNU!

Bernhard Egger, Director for International Affairs
International Students Welcome Center Team

1. International Student Orientation and Pizza Party (only for Engineering Students)

▶ Location: 1st basement floor of the CoE main building (Room B103, Bldg 39) (location, campus map)

▶ Date & Time: September 8, 11:30 - 13:00
▶ Program:
    11:30 ~ 12:00   Welcome note and brief information about services for int'l students
    12:00 ~ 13:00   Pizza Party (vegetarian pizza provided)
▶ RSVP by Thursday, September 7, 15:00 pm at

2. Korean Language Classes for Students and Family Members

▶ Course Levels: Level 1 (for beginners starting with the Korean alphabet) and Level 2 (intermediate)
▶ Course Duration: twice a week for two hours, 10 weeks
▶ Sign-up Fee: KRW100,000 (first class, 100% refunded if you attend over 80% of the classes)
▶ Application deadline: September 25, 2017

3. Events and Activities, Fall Semester 2017



Friday, September 8

Int'l Student Orientation and Pizza Party

Monday, September 18

Start of CoE Korean Classes

Friday, September 29

Korean Thanksgiving (Chu-Seok) Event

Friday, October 20

Autum Colors (단풍구경)

In November

Industrial Visit

Friday, December 15

Int'l Scholars' Night (with family members)

Note: these events are for students of the CoE and their family members only



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