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BK21 PLUS (Brain Korea 21 Program for Leading Universities & Students) is a human resource development program initiated by the Korean government. The objective of BK21 PLUS is to produce the next generation of world class leaders in these fields by upgrading research infrastructure. Also, this program supports new knowledge and skills based on creativity. All of the School of Chemical and Biological Engineering faculty members currently participates as members of BK21 PLUS project.

Goal of BK21 PLUS at CBE

-Become the world's top 10 chemical engineering department through world-class research output

-Train and foster world-class researchers with international competitiveness (granting more than 70 masters and 30 doctorates degrees per year)

-Strengthen the industry-academia interactions

  • O Provide educational program for industry
  • O Encourage joint research projects
  • O Establish international cooperation with world’s top 10 universities

Participating industry partners

Project administrators MS. Mee Jin Hwang MS. Min Hye Han
Office Building 302 Room 1006 Building 302 Room 1006
Tel 880-6890 880-6890


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