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화학공정신기술연구소 Institute of Chemical Process New Technology

Institute of Chemical Processes

ICP is one of the 13 research institutes belonging to College of Engineering in Seoul National University. Thanks to the donation from SK corporation in 1995 toward research institute building (about 4,000 m3) with a main focus on chemical processes, ICP was founded in 1996 with Prof. Hyun-Ku Rhee appointed as the first director. ICP is dedicated to conducting and disseminating high-impact and industry-oriented research, training world-leading researchers and engineers, and supporting activities that will advance the research and industry related to chemical processes. ICP has five research divisions in the following areas: process development, semiconductor and electrochemistry, organic materials and polymers, nano/inorganic materials and catalytic processes, and biological/ environmental engineering. Most of the faculty members in School of Chemical & Biological Engineering participate in one of the divisions. ICP has pioneered research and training collaborations between academia, industry and government. It harbors nine research centers and institutes funded by the government, and among them are Engineering Development Research Center, IBS Center for Nanoparticle Research, The National Creative Research Initiative Center for Intelligent Hybrids, and World Class University. In order to promote active collaborative research with industry, ICP recruited five visiting professors who are current or former CEOs of major chemical companies in Korea. Due to these efforts, ICP has developed tens of industry-sponsored research projects where faculty members in other universities as well as SNU are involved. It also has offered several short courses for practitioners and engineers in industry. With these ongoing efforts and achievements, Seoul National University ranked ICP as the best research institute on campus in science and technology in 2015



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