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Student Representative 학생회장인사말

Greetings! My name is Deok Hyung Kim, and I am the 11th student body president of the School of Chemical and Biological Engineering (CBE). It is my great honor to post a greeting message on behalf of all undergraduate students at CBE.

Post Korean war era, chemical engineering industries have been the foundation and powerhouse for Korea economy. In recent years, bio-related industries assumed their role in the Korean market. In preparation for the 21st century, chemical and biological engineering discipline would enable continued renewal and development of next generation economy in Korea.

The CBE at Seoul National University has already produced many global leaders in various industries in Korea. Here, you will have the opportunity, not only to learn from faculty who are world-renowned leaders and innovators in their fields but also to work side by side with them, creating knowledge and developing your leadership skills through undergraduate research opportunities. I appreciate the all the continued hard work by the CBE students, staffs, and professors as they strive to build a world-leading CBE program.



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