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교육목표 Educational Objectives

First, the CBE School fosters future top leaders in academia, industry and governmental sectors related to chemical and biological engineering.

Second, the CBE School provides fundamental knowledge in all engineering disciplines and natural sciences to train as qualified top class engineers.

Third, the CBE School educates students to think rationally and creatively in order to be able to creatively solve important and practical engineering problems.

Fourth, the CBE School guides students to have relevant work ethics as well as social responsibility to compete internationally


The vision of the School of Chemical and Biological Engineering (CBE) of Seoul National University is to nourish students for creative global leaders with entrepreneurial minds. In addition, we strive to provide world-class education and research opportunities in order to cultivate responsible leaders in all the areas related to chemical and biological engineering.


Through focused and concentrating research goals and interdisciplinary cooperation, we strive to building internationally reputable educational and research program in Chemical and Biological Engineering.

World class education program
World class faculty members
Education program based on social demand

Competitive graduate research program
Intellectual property protection
Core-equipment support

Patent filing support
Support for international cooperation



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