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공동기기실 Equipment core facility

Qualitative and quantitative analysis of chemical materials is essential in chemical engineering. We have established equipment core facility with various advanced analytical and specialized equipments to support cutting-edge research in our department. In addition, it was established with the purpose of improving the efficiency of the utilization of the equipment by carrying out the analytical work commissioned by other schools, external organizations and enterprises. Professor Jae-yong Yoon is current director of equipment core facility.

Equipment listing

Equipment Specification Location
ESCA Dratos Model AXIS-HS 302-1007
AFM NS3A 302-214
FT-NMR FT-NMR 300MHz 302-214
GC/MASS System HP6890 GC & HP 5973 MSD 302-515
HPLC Waters 1525 Binary System 302-515
Raman Spectroscopy Triax550 302-214
Ion Chromatography DIONEX, US/DX-120 302-513
GPC P1000, Rheodyne 7725i T60, LR40, Trisec 302-214
BET ASAP2010 302-807
bET ASAP2010 302-716
DSC TA4000/DSC2010 302-214
FT-IR Jasco Model FT-IR 200 302-214
UV/VIS 9423UVA 1002E 302-718
UV/VIS Perkin-Elmer Model Lambda 20 311-512
DSC/TGA TAC 7/DX(115V/60H2) 302-1008-2
ICP Shimdzu, JP/ICPS-7500 302-214
Elemental analyzer LECO Corp, Truspec Micro 302-214


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