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[WCU 23차 세미나] Designing Nanomaterials for Energy Applications
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  • 날짜2010-09-02 00:00:00
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1. Title :  Designing Nanomaterials for Energy Applications
2. Speaker : Yi Cui, Associate Professor
    Dept of Materials Science and Engineering, Stanford Univ.
3. Date : September 7 (Tue), 4:00~5:30 P.M.
4. Venue : Building 302, Room 809
5. CV :
         - 1998   B.S. Chemistry, Univ. of Science and Technology of China
1998 - 2002   Ph. D. Chemistry, Harvard Univ. (Adviser: Prof. Charles M. Lieber)
2002 -            Miller Postdoctoral Fellow, Univ. of California, Berkeley
                      with Prof. Paul Alivisatos
2005 -            Assistant Professor, Dept of Materials Science and Eng.,
                      Stanford Univ.
2010 -            Associate Professor with tenure, Dept of Materials Science and Eng.
                      Stanford Univ.
6. Abstract :
       The capability of synthesizing materials with nanometer size and shape control has enabled exciting opportunities to engineer materials for controlling and understanding electronic, photonic, mechanical and ionic processes, which are important for applications such as energy sciences. In this talk I will show two examples on how we design nanostructured materials towards high performance photovoltacis and energy storage devices. In the first example, nanocone- and nanodome- shaped nanowires are designed for efficient photon management and charge carrier separation, which result in significant improvement of solar cell power efficiency compared to the flat film devices. Second, nanowires are exploited to maximize efficiency of simultaneous electron and ionic insertion with facile strain relaxation, which enable novel ultrahigh charge storage capacity materials towards next generation of high energy density batteries.
7. Contact : Prof. Jongheop Yi (880-7438)


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